General Data Protection Regulation

Privacy Statement and Notice

we are serious and responsible to protect your personal information. Collected personal data will be carefully protected and processed in accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and the applicable regulations in the area of ​​personal data protection.

It is important for us that you understand what we are doing with your personal information, so we encourage you to become familiar with the content of this document. If you have any questions or requests related to the processing of your personal information, please email us at Our website uses cookies. More information on using cookies is provided in the Cookie Policy.

What kind of personal information we collect, for what purpose and on what legal basis?

1. Receive newsletters and notifications

Based on your consent, we collect your name, e-mail address and your business name so that we can send you your notices, news, offers, education and training information and other general information that may be of interest to you.

2. Contact form

The personal information you provide us via the online contact form (name and email) are processed only for the purpose of answering your inquiries. We will process your personal information for the purpose of implementing the action on your request. In the event that you do not trust the personal data required by the online form, we will not be able to respond to your request.

How long do we store your personal information?

1. Receive newsletters and notifications

We will process your personal information to send you our notice to cancel your consent or in any case not later than five years after the expiration of the calendar year in which you gave your consent. If we want to keep the data longer, we will ask for your consent again after the expiration of that period.

2. Contact form

We store your personal information we process to prepare an answer to your message sent via the contact form on the website for 5 years.

Will we disclose your personal information to third parties or transfer them outside the EU?

We will not disclose your personal information, nor will we disclose it to third parties or to any country or organization outside the EU.

What are your rights in dealing with personal data processing?

In accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR), you have the right at any time to request access to your personal information, correct or delete them or limit the processing of your personal data.

We will notify you if your request affects the ability to receive newsletters and notifications and / or organize training and training. You also have the right to transfer your personal information. All of these rights can be claimed at any time in writing by e-mail