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Smart home ideas of a smart home is not lacking. Smart home is increasingly becoming a trend. There are more and more new smart installation products and manufacturers. Recently, the market is introducing new voice control devices, such as: Google Alexa, Amazon Echo, Apple Home kit, Sonoff, etc. And then the moment comes that you made the decision to move with a smart installation.

The designer asks you what commands you would like to have and somehow it blocked your brain. You can’t remember. Or, worse, you are a designer and you should offer some new features, scens, but also you have forgot everything. So here are some suggestions in case there is no creative idea.

voice control for smart home

Smart home ideas of lighting functions

  1. This is what everyone is looking for – Turn on all the lights or a group of lights at the touch of a button. With the same key press – turn on all the lights
  2. Double pressing the power off button: lights, lowering shutters, electronics and other devices
  3. This could be interesting: when it’s dark and you open the garage door, the lights come on to illuminate the path leading to the front door
  4. Classic: The motion sensor turns off the lights in the room if there is no movement in that room after a certain amount of time
  5. One of the symbol in trending: Landscape lighting (such as backyard lighting) turns on at sunset and switches off at sunrise
  6. Bedtime Scene – Press a button to turn the light on in the bedroom to a level sufficient to read books at bedtime
  7. Midnight Passage – Press the button to turn on only those lights that are sufficient to illuminate the path to the toilet (or fridge) without waking up the rest of the household
  8. Every morning, when the kids go to school, turn off the light
  9. Automatic adjustment of light to natural surroundings. For example, if the natural (external) light is lower by 50%, automatically turn on the light in the room to obtain a total of 100%. It helps due to cloudy days.
  10. Landscape lighting again – some lights turn on at sunset and later diminish to 20% to completely turn off around 11pm. Suitable for saving power consumption.
smart kitchen

Ideas for smart music features

  1. Transfer music to each room with a dedicated key in each room
  2. Play all the music recorded in the home in one place, via distributed audio zones accessed via a smartphone, keypad or touch screen
  3. Pressing the button activates the music zone as well as the ability to change the color of the light according to the choice of music
  4. Double-click the volume key to switch off the music zone you are in
  5. This could be interesting. The music starts automatically in the bathroom by pressing the button to turn on the shower light.
  6. Install a waterproof touch screen behind the waterproof holder in the shower to control the music in the shower.
  7. Connect your home music source to the internet so you can listen to music anywhere in the world where you have access to a home automation system.
  8. Create a “Music” scene that sets the lights to 30% and volume to your favorite level – which can be suitable for focus at night while working on a project.
smart music

The idea of a scene during a party

  1. “Party” Scene – Create the current ambience at the touch of a button, when a light-up scene is launched that illuminates key decorative elements and simultaneously releases a custom music playlist
  2. Some guest unexpectedly shows up and rings in front of the door? Do not worry. Be notified when guests arrive by broadcasting audio through a loudspeaker.
  3. Plug in microphones into your entire home audio system so everyone in the house can hear you (it’s a little scary but it is possible)
party time

Temperature commands

  1. Program shutters and curtains for automatic opening and closing based on the sun and whether anyone is in the house
  2. The “Awakening” scene that opens the curtains and gradually raises the brightness and within five minutes and adjusts the temperature to the desired level
  3. Heats up automatically when you leave for work in the morning
  4. Turn on the fireplace (on the marcet are electric, too) with your smartphone or tablet without leaving the couch
  5. Exercise scene when the exercise temperature drops, on the TV switches the channel to live music for better exercise.

Ideas for energy saving

  1. Automatic measurement of your home’s electricity consumption, circuit by circuit, using an automation system
  2. Adjust the irrigation system so that the sprinkler on is suitable for the weather (to prevent watering during rainy weather)

Contact us if you have any new ideas for monitoring your device and smart home.

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