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enviro hdl panel

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HDL Enviro panel – Price (contact us for more information): not higher than 290 euro (screen + power adapter) – TAX not included

Enviro HDL Panel comes with high strength glass, the Enviro Panel provides a smooth and seamless touch to your fingers.
A light indication on the screen and an elegant ambience that is created.
• Wake-up function
• Full-color display
• Customizable background image
• Buspro online firmware upgrade
Enviro comes with a capacitive touch screen that lets you check and adjust the date, time and temperature, set weather events and scenes.
Equipped with multiple features, the Enviro Panel brings a great life to your home, quickly and easily, making it a magical and personal experience: lighting, HVAC, shutters, heating and alarm.

enviro multifunction

Technical characteristics and descriptions

Multifunctional touch screen LCD (control panel). Ability to control lighting, scenes, music, air conditioning, floor heating. When the built-in proximity sensor detects an approach within 30 cm, the screen wakes up for control.

enviro screens

HDL Enviro Panel – Functions

– Built-in sensor for measuring air temperature
– Adjustable screen brightness
– Wake-up function
– Save energy by automatically shutting down the screen after use
– Lighting control: up to 60 bulbs
– Control of 9 air conditioners
– Floor heating control: Supports 9 floor-heating modules, fan speed control
– Contains a timer function
– Display time, temperature, status indication
– Screen lock

enviro smart home control

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