HDL DLP touch panel – modern design

Modern and beautiful design

HDL DLP touch panel, smooth contours and touch screen, the panel offers a subtle blend of modern charm and practical functionality, making your smart home control simple and intuitive.

HDL-MPTL14-46-A – Download technical sheet

HDL DLP Touch panel – Multifunction

When you access the HDL DLP touch panel, it will woken up in operating mode, temperature and time displayed on the illuminated screen. In additional, the DLP Touch has seven pages for smart control, including one for HVACs (air conditioners), one for music, one for underfloor heating and four you to define.


The DLP Touch panel has a fully customizable screen. You can design control commands for your capacitive touch panel DLP, select the page color that best fits your design, and for each button you can select the appropriate icon from the icon gallery.


DLP Touch panel has fourteen buttons in total. The eight touch-sensitive DLP keys also have two navigation keys, giving you complete control over your home. Four shortcut buttons with visualization icons help you effortlessly navigate to your favorite pages. In addition, you can mark each key with a customizable indicator light.

Multipurpose LCD screen (control panel) with new design and new generation of wall controllers.

Price (contact us for more information): not higher than 260 euros (touch screen + power adapter) – TAX not included

Technical characteristics and descriptions

DLP panel is equipped with 8 programmable touch buttons. Software for updating icons on the LCD screen for customization to the end user. The panel contains arrow keys to navigate through all pages.

The panel has a built-in proximity sensor that detects an movement within 30 cm and the screen wakes up (includes a backlight) for control.

HDL DLP touch panel and functions

  • Adjustable backlight and button colors
  • Button light indication and RGB color selection
  • Wake up function (alarm)
  • Double-push button function for additional scenes
  • IR receive command as an option
  • HVAC control, heating control, lighting control, shutter control and alarm control

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