Aling-Conel – a new dimension of quality

Aling-Conel was founded in 1984. With over 30 years of experience, as a regional leader in innovative and secure electrical installation solutions. Founder and owner Risto Dangubić, the best toolmaker of the former Yugoslavia, at a time when it was unthinkable. He started a small business and opened a workshop. Guided by a clear vision with a lot of renunciation and teamwork, he develops a new model in the field of toolmaking in this region: the development of tool forms at the request of customers, private and social enterprises, foreign companies, primarily from Western Europe. By investing in modern equipment and human resources, the workshop has expanded over the years and has grown into a modern industrial facility for the production of machine assemblies, instruments and wiring accessories.

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In order to optimize the work of the workshop, a new production and assembly facility has been opened for a complete range of metal and plastic surface mount programs. The development of this program has encouraged further investments in the production of electrical installation materials.

Quality as a key of success

Modern methods of designing, full application of international standards, having vast knowledge and experience of engineers and workers are key factors in achieving a high level of quality and product recognition.

Many decades of experience in the production of injection molding tools for complex machine assemblies as well as state-of-the-art tool making equipment, rapid preparation, high precision of manufacture and the ability to produce geometrically complicated machines, as a result, provide reliable and high-quality tools for injection molding and production of precision-molded products.

First in Serbia

At the beginning of 2000s, the production program expanded with a new brand at the fi60 boxes. A few years later Aling-Conel became the first company in Serbia to produce a modular wiring program. After more than three decades of work and constant development, Aling-Conel is not only a brand, but also a trendsetter.

In its product range today, Aling-Conel offers two programs of fi60 boxes, two modular programs, three OG programs and connection and installation accessories. Through constant development and advancement, but also with the support of younger generations, Aling-Conel has climbed to the top. As a regional leader in wiring solutions, they not only offer smart homes but also smart decisions. For smart ideas, for safe houses, for a new dimension of living, for a new dimension of quality.


It is imperative that all Aling-Conel products are made from the highest quality raw materials, tested in their laboratory and certified in reputable European Union certification companies.

Wide range and easy use

A wide range of products, models and colors, gives the possibility of numerous combinations that will enrich every space and at the same time fulfill its primary use value.

The simple installation or replacement of an existing installation makes Aling-Conel products popular with both professional electricians and users.

Aling-Conel, a new dimension of quality.

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