Bticino Thermosat 3 module – discovering

Bticino Thermostat – The x4451 thermostat is a flush-mounting device which can be used for heating and cooling systems. It is possible – through several programming possibilities – to adjust the temperature at any time of the day and in a differentiated manner, every day of the week.

It is possible to choose how to use a standard program (already stored but can be changed according to the specific needs of the user) or to create a new one with a simple programming procedure.

Check and create Bticino thermostat in following link:
Bticino configurator

A large back-lit display shows you at all times the programme setting, the status of the system and the temperature of the room. The thermostat consists of a base used for the system electric connections and a removable front part to allow the user to execute the programming operations and to replace the batteries more easily.

1 – Graphic display:

displays the messages which determine the programming operations as well as the system status

2 – Selection Keys:

these let you cycle through the functioning modes inside the menu, if any, while the main screen is being viewed;

3 – OK Key:

accesses the main menu, confirms the selection displayed or the data entered

4 – Sensor:

measures the ambient temperature

5 – C Key:

cancels the selection and returns to the previous page; if held down, it returns to the initial page

6 – Scroll Keys:

these let you change the set temperature while the main screen is being viewed; when inside the menu, you can scroll the list of the options available

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