Smart home – the correct price

It seems we all know or have heard what a Smart Home is. We know for sure that this is control over the Internet. We know we can handle light and shutters. We can control the heating whether it is central, central or via other heaters and systems. We have it in our heads that we can save some cents. That way, we’re going to pay back some of the investment we made for a smart home or apartment. This is the concept in this text as well.

smart home

How much does a smart home cost?

But how much exactly should we give for a smart apartment/house and get what we need?

Today everyone offers everything

At a smart home, today everyone offers, sells, incorporates everything. Does it have to be like that? Today, the point is comfort, which is why everyone offers power-hungry devices. This is because the devices are connected to the internet and this is because we can manage them.

There are many such devices today and we don’t have to rush in and buy everything, especially if we are not used to managing them: apps, buttons, settings, etc. Here we are writing about a reasonable solution without much investment, to give you comfort and savings in power consumption.

Let’s get to the point

The system does exist and contains the following features:

Smart Home app
  • Mobile phone control for everyone
    (an application for mobile phones, tablets and computers that is very easy to learn and easy to use – user friendly)
  • Centralized control of the whole house in one place. It is not an ordinary control, it is a panel with a glass touch panel (so-called capacitive glass). Someone call them Smart Touch panel
  • The device that provides control of the device in the home, which are:
    – Light on/off – 12 consumers (light bulb) independently
    – Dimming Lighting – 4 Dimmable Bulbs – Triac Dimmer for Advanced
  • Roller shutter control – 3 shutters
  • Control unit for up to 4 split air conditioners
  • And a special addition to these features: the ability to add up to 24 classic buttons to control all devices in this system.

In the shortest sense, we have the ability to control: lights, shutters, smoke lights, run scenarios in the home (one-touch running multiple commands at a time), group commands, boiler manage and control, socket control and of course all of these can be regulated over time, the so-called time events.

pametna kuća smart paneli
Smart Touch panels

Today, Smart House is not expensive

Here’s the price. So let’s just go head to head and if you can recover then think about it, too. The cost of the above features with installation and tax is € 1750. You will agree that this is a viable investment for a smart home or apartment.

smart home interior

What is not included in the price here?

Well, switches and sockets are not included. Of course today it is easy to calculate too. Take a look at the our configurators and eminent manufacturers we have to offer.

Attention should also be paid to the size of the switchboard. The solution we offer is quite compact. For all the above commands, this solution takes exactly 16 DIN modules (of course we didn’t count the fuses).

Smart home extension

Each system can be expanded, so can this one. What you can add later is: sound or home sound quality music, control of all sound source devices via just one application on your mobile phone, control of heating and cooling fan-coil units, channel air conditioning, irrigation system, video surveillance system, intercom system and of course alarm the system. But about this on another occasion.

Everything under control – Smart Home

Don’t believe it? Let talk. We have a lot of experience in this.

Thet is all for now. We will continue next time…

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