Smart thermostat Bticino in configurator

Smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat with a mobile phone application. A mobile phone application means you can operate this thermostat over the smart phone.

thermostat bticino

Thermostat App for Smart phones

Of course, conditions are not talked about a lot, but it’s assumed that we know. The age of modern technologies, where it is now important for you to have as many devices as they are connected to the Internet and the same number of applications that you run on these devices.
It is possible to download app for Android as well as for iOS.

thermostat app for smart phones

Internet as a condition

And the most important requirement is that you have a home wi – fi to which you must first connect a smart thermostat. So you need to know something about connecting the device to wi-fi. If you do not anything about it, here is an application, plus a manual that tells you how to connect a thermostat to wi-fi, i.e. on the Internet. In fact, to be completely clear, you connect this device over the Internet to the Cloud server. And so…

Good thing – Geolocation

geolocation and thermostat bticino

This is a good thing, because the installed application knows where youare. And he can turn on the heating earlier. For example: returning from work earlier, at 3 pm instead of at 4pm. The application “see” (geolocation) that and send you a message asking if it needs to turn on the heating. This is a really rare case that may happen once or twice a year (maybe when the boss is on sick leave or vacation) but it does not matter.

Smart thermostat in configurator

In fact, perhaps the most important thing is that we have inserted this thermostat into our Configurator. In the “Other” field. After all, look at the picture:

thermostat and perfectSocket configurator

Check Smart thermostat Bticino in Configurator – click here

This product can be purchased at a price of about about 170 euros – (VAT is not included) which may not be expensive if it save money – switch on heating if you are close to the house and switch off heating when you are not at home. For now, it’s too early for someone to come up with the results of the test, when it is a question about saving money during the heating season. If you find out, please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to look and like it. 🙂

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