LivingLight Bticino wiringdevices

LivingLight Bticino is a modular range of the largest Italian manufacturer of electrical equipment – Bticino.

Bticino, which in 1989 became the acquisition of the French group Legrand (Wikipedia). And after that, Bticino continues to fascinate with the design and quality of products. It seems that somewhere in the genes there is an emphasis on quality and creativity.

LivingLight Bticino devices

The Italians, like everyone else, switches and sockets make with style, as well. They are excellent in the production and design of everything. Here are just some of the prominent brands in the fashion range: Versace, Valentino, Moschino, Gucci, Armani, Prada, etc. You already know their manufacturers in the automotive industry, but here are some of them: Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani, Lamborghini, etc. Furniture: Marioni, Opera Contemporary, Selva, Capital, Isabella Costantini, etc. Then, coffee makers, glasses, jewelry, makeup, and so on.

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livinglight bticino mechanisms

In one word, when I think of the Italians, I think of enjoying the style in everything and even in enjoying the making of everything beautiful.

LivingLight Bticino quality

In the first place, quality, functionality and appearance are emphasized. This is modular wiringdevice range which has a lot of mechanisms for different functions: light control, blinds, sockets, built-in fuses, dimmers, movement detectors for lights, room thermostats, computer, tv, hdmi sockets, built-in ringtones, various push-buttons, bulbs, signaling etc. And it’s all modular, which means it stays in the same support or frame.

livinglight air frames

As they are known for this modularity, some even call it Italian wiringdevices. I don’t know who first discovered this modularity, but today there are many manufacturers of modular wiringdevices.

Of course, Bticino goes a step further, I would say a couple of steps forward, so in this series it offers impressive functionality of Homeautomation (most of you call it smart home), but also a whole new design about which we will write soon.

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