Thermostat Bticino – Control heating

I’m not sure if you are familiar with that, but there are a bunch of thermostats that have different function temperatures. There are thermostats for: temperature regulation in technical devices such as electric blankets, electric iron, baking tins, laundry dryers, ovens, boilers, stoves and heaters.

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Room thermostat

Our theme are room thermostats which differ in function: summer-winter function, classical linear, equipped with a probe, but also a smart thermostat.

Classic linear white color in the LivnngLight range looks like this:

Thermostat LivngLight

Now a bit of technical details for us specialists:
Power: 220V ~
Temperature regulation: 5 to 30 ° C
Precision: +/- 0.5 ˚C
Maximum load: 2A cos Φ 1 ÷ 0.5
Equipped with NO and NC contact

The other one is equipped with a probe

It is a good thing to use for underfloor heating if it matches the temperature limit of the heating system.

Thermostat Summer ~ Winter

This thermosat is a good idea, but I would say a not so achievable in most cases. Yes, the good thing is that it can be switched to summer or winter mode, but this also means that the regulation system should immediately be switched to the same mode of operation. You’ve guessed it’s a device that can control electric valve.

It has the same characteristics as the previous two, with the built-in switch for the summer or winter mode of operation.

Tip: Before the final choice of the thermostat, I advise you to consult with professionals who have experience in installing a home-based thermoregulation system.

In this story, we are left to mention the Smart Thermostat, called Smarther, but we’ll talk about it next time.

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