Barbecue last weekend – LivingLight

You have been informed via Instagram (PerfectSocket on Instagram) that we made barbecue on the terrace last weekend. It was a really TOP. There were not a lot of people, so there were a lot of other kebabs, chicken, sausages and let say – pork chops. There was lots of vegetables, but wines and beers not…


And you surely think that I will continue in that style Living Light, constantly going for a barbecue, etc. And maybe you’re right, but the next part of text is about the LivingLight Bticno series that we put into our Configurator in the past, and this is the first time we’ve updated prices.

That’s right, for the first time after more than a year, we have updated prices and some products in our configurator.

So we’ve brought this part of the configurator in order. And here’s some of the novelties we’ve noticed and that we want to share with you.

Axial mechanisms Imax = 10A

Axial mechanisms have lower prices than previously in the last configurator. And it is important to mention a very important item, the maximum load current for a one-way and two-way switch is 10 amps (Imax = 10A), and this is not the case with classical switches ins same range 16 amps (Imax = 16A). This is an important reminder during te making decisions what to buy.

barbecue livinglight
livinglight bticino

Dual motion sensors

Another novelty is the device that has two different technologies for the motion detection: Infra Red and Ultra sound. Two technologies that during a simultaneous detection give a signal to the device to turn on the light. On the other hand, it’s enough that at least one technology detects the movement so the light remains on. The sensor also has almost same characteristics of other motion sensors, such as the shutdown time and level of lightening, but that is the same like it was before, so I don’t have to mention it.

It is important to note that this sensor can handle all types of lighting, including LED bulbs. It is important to only pay attention to the maximum load that depends on the type of the connected bulbs.

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So if there are a lot of interested people, maybe we will write something 🙂
Until then, see you.