Updated prices in configurator for the Niloe series

The prices are now being updated by someone else

Half a year passed, precisely more than 50%. Which is a lot and it’s been gone quickly. There is less time to devote to the things you love. That’s because you have to track the everything about products, look if some products are cancelled, plus how to tell to your colleagues or someone whom need to give an offer. All this takes a lot of time. Plus, you have to track prices of a different products, which could be difficult.

That’s why we took a bit of time (actually a lot) and updated the prices in Niloe range by Legrand. It will be easier now. You don’t have time to compare your pricelist with new prices. Now, that’s all here. In four clicks, create your own set/kit, get retail prices and see what you’re going to do: buy, forward or sell.

niloe configurator

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New prices old prices

New prices do not differ from previous prices, so we did not do any special research, we only inserted them. If you think there are some significant differences, great! Go to this page – Contact and send us a comment, type:
“There are differences! It’s too expensive!”
I don’t think that we can compare it with the previous prices, but it does not matter, we will pay attention for the next time we update it.

About Niloe range

As for the Niloe series itself, no new product appeared, compared to the previous story. But there is no cancelled old products, which is good. You do not have to worry in that way, because everything is there. Only prices are updated. Even the frames have not changed. Led dimmers (which were new products), with a rotary pushbutton, are also there, they are not cancelled, seems it is a good product.

We do not have prices for computer sockets in category 5e, so we have put them out of the price list this time. I believe this is not a problem. If this detail does some cause of an issue, contact us and we will see details regarding this product: why there is no price and is it produced.

It remains to leave some images somewhere in the middle and at the end of the text, for better SEO optimization and that’s it.

niloe frames prices
niloe frames prices
niloe frames
niloe frames
niloe frames

If you have – some questions, objections, constructive suggestions (maybe you want to give us suggestion to insert a new series into the configurator) feel free to contact us. We are here to make it easier for everyone using the configurator.

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