Smart home Belgrade – HDL automation

Another smart home Belgrade. We would say that it is enough to watch the video. The video shows automated control via a mobile application.
And the video shows automated control via a mobile app. Controls: lights, shutters, pool techniques and scenes that combine multiple controls.

Realized requirements in this project related to control:
– home lighting and blinds
– garden lighting and outdoor lighting
– floor / wall heating and cooling
– control of air conditioning units
– roof windows
– via mobile application
– unified scene commands
– pool lighting, pumps and other pool techniques

Smart home in Belgrade – Control of air conditioning units with one click

pametna kuća u beogradu

And most importantly, there are scenes for quick control and management of all devices in the house with just one click. For example, now you can send command to the air conditioning units to cool to 24 degrees with a single click. You can do it via the mobile application. You don’t need to take the remote controls and set each unit or give it a command. Now it is enough to do it directly from a mobile phone and from anywhere. You don’t even have to be at home.

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