Smart apartment – project: automation, multimedia, video surveillance

Smart apartment is a classic requirement that includes control of lighting, heating, control over the Internet and an intercom system as needed. In basis: from requirements to final realization – an example.

Smart apartment- Investor request:

– lighting control: dimming and switching functions
– zone multimedia in three rooms
– heating control
– touch sensitive controllers
– control via centralized units: touch screens
– control over the Internet
– intercom system connected to a mobile phone via an intercom application

izrada projekta pametne instalacije

System configuration and equipment commissioning:

Create set of products – Check the prices – Configurator for wiring devices – click here

List of equipment and services

  • Circuits (LED, halogen, fluorescent) – 20 loads
  • Blinds – 4 motors
  • Temperature control – 4 valves
  • Centralized control – 3 Touch screens
  • Touch controllers with colored keys – 9 controllers
  • Technical support: design, supervision of completed installations, delivery of equipment, configuration, functional testing and commissioning

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