Which lighting is it best to use dimmers?

The best bulbs used with dimmer switches are halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs (electric light with a wire filament heated until it glows).

With these bulbs, you will not only get an affordable lighting solution, but you will be able to control the light intensity of the bulb from 100% to 0%. A standard incandescent light bulb is all you need.

The disadvantage of dimmable LED and dimmable fluorescent bulbs is that the light levels can be dimmed to about 20% of the maximum light intensity.

Does is means that the use of LEDs or fluorescent bulbs is out of the question?


What are CL dimmers?

CL dimmers use resistors to change the output power and you can use a light bulb of your choice: a dimmable LED or a dimmable Fluo Compact bulb. If you try to use an incandescent bulb with CL dimmers, it will not work at all or it will work but with mulfunction.

The CL mark on the CL dimmer means the following:
– C – CFL (Compact Fluo Light),
– L – LED (Light-emitting diode)

Some manufacturers of CL dimmers say that they have managed to eliminate the following problems that occur with standard dimmers:

  • early light switch-off: this happens when the lights are switched off before the slider on the controller reaches the lowest value
  • late switch-on of lights: this happens when the lights, after dimmed to the lowest position, are not switched on by a switch command but only switched on when you move the slider upwards
  • the lights blink or turn off: this can happen if there are voltage fluctuations from other household appliances, such as air conditioners.

C.L dimmers prevent these problems using HED technology. This technology ensures that CFL and LED lights dimm reliably every time. It is also possible to set the dimming range for the type of bulb used. Using HED technology, the bulbs will also light up during voltage fluctuations.

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