Aling Experience Configurator

Aling Experiance is a modular program by Aling Conel that we have integrated into web configurator.

Aling Experience equipment is designed to meet the highest safety standards and is manufactured from the highest quality materials.

Create your Aling Experience kit through the Web configurator on the page – Experience Web Configurator.

Ultimate elegance is reflected in the geometry of the shape, and bold color combinations give each wall a dose of extravagance. The modular elements are made in four colors: white, black soft, silver and cream.

Three sections of the Experience program

Experiance BASIC

BASIC is characterized by the ultimate elegance and bold combinations of contrasts of light and darkness complemented by silver.
There are three basic mask colors in the BASIC line: white, black and silver. Each mask comes in 3 mask carrier combinations.

Experience products offer the ability to express the personal style of users in their home.

Experiance COLOR

The COLOR product group consists of 16 masks divided into:
– playful color VIVID,
– METALLIC metallic effect i
– SOFT TOUCH gentle touch.

The VIVID line consists of 4 pastel colors with a white mask holder (pastel blue, pastel green, pastel orange and lavender) and 3 unusual contrasts with a black mask carrier (cream, graphite and red).

The METALLIC line consists of 7 metallic colors with the same shade of the mask carrier (metallic gold, gold glitter, satin gold, antique silver, aluminum, metallic green, metallic blue).

The SOFT TOUCH line is made up of 2 basic colors: sky blue and soft touch black. The novelty is a sky blue color (white with phosphorus) that glows bluish in the dark.

Experience EXCLUSIVE

The EXCLUSIVE group of masks is made of natural materials and is divided into masks made of:
– WOOD natural wood,
– sophisticated GLASS i masks
– robust METAL metal masks.
All masks in the EXCLUSIVE group are made with black mask holder.

The WOOD line consists of four elegant solid wooden masks: wenge, walnut, cherry and maple.

The GLASS line consists of 4 colored glass masks: crystal white, crystal black, ice silver and coral.

The METAL line consists of four metal masks: titanium, aluminum, copper patina and anthracite crystal.

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